Pest Control Waxhaw NC

Pest Control Waxhaw NC

We’re all aware of how dangerous pests can be, and it’s frightening how easily they can infiltrate our homes. Destructive pests are abundant and always appear unexpectedly. Pests of any kind can cause serious illness in your family members as well as extensive damage to your belongings and property.

Furthermore, these pests can be found in any corner of your home, beneath your beds, or inside your cabinets. This means that pest infestations are a constant threat to your home.Pest Control Services in Waxhaw NC

There are numerous ways for pests to infiltrate your home without your knowledge. Regular pest removal is the best way to keep pests out of your home. At Waxhaw, North Carolina, we recognize that pest prevention and control is more than just what our professional experts do. It also includes various activities that homeowners can engage in to keep their homes safe from various pests.

Most people associate pests with the warmer months of the year. Summer is the busiest time of year for pest activity because many pests enjoy and thrive in hot weather. This is when ants, mosquitoes, stinging insects, flies, ticks, and other pests can be most active. While many of these pests will be present throughout the season, they can still pose a threat to your health and the safety of your family members. And in such cases, it is critical to contact us for your Pest Control in Waxhaw, NC.

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A pesticide is any substance that is used to kill, repel, or control certain types of plant or animal life that are considered pests. For example, herbicides are pesticides that are used to kill weeds and other undesirable vegetation. Insecticides can also control many insects, while fungicides are used to prevent mold growth. In addition, disinfectants and compounds can prevent bacteria from spreading.

Furthermore, an exterminator in Union County, NC is well-versed in removing pests such as rats or mice. Mice and rats are the most dangerous rodents that can enter your home because they explore every floor and spread parasites throughout. However, any rodent entering your home can chew holes in the wood and kill your belongings. On top of that, rodents make terrible houseguests. They leave feces and urine everywhere they go. Therefore, make your property rodent-proof to keep them out. However, carrying out such precautions is a difficult task.

As a result, you may require the assistance of a professional exterminator. However, taking such actions may take up your time and put your family members in danger. So, don’t be afraid to contact a top-tier company like Freedom Pest Services.

Termite Removal – Committed to Our customers

Termites, like ants, bees, and wasps in the separate order Hymenoptera, are typically sterile workers and soldiers. There are fertile males known as kings in every colony and one or two fertile females known as queens. Termites feed primarily on dead plant material and cellulose and are typically found in the form of wood, leaf litter, dirt, or animal dung.

Termites are soft-bodied insects that are commonly mistaken for white ants. They are small (4-11 mm) and have three distinct body parts: the head, thorax, and abdomen. Termite Seasonal Pest Control Servicescolonies contain a variety of individuals known as castes, each of which has a distinct appearance. Each caste has its own set of responsibilities within a colony. The termite queen is the most potent member of a termite colony.

As previously stated, this made the termites a threat to your property. In terms of termite treatment, there are numerous options available to you. The first step is to consult with experts to learn more about termites. The second step is to look into a reputable termite removal company, such as Freedom Pest Services. We can provide you with an efficient service that will rid you of the destructive effects of termites.

Fire Ant Removal – Residential & Commercial

While attacking, fire ants use their jaws to grip their prey and inject venom through a stinger. Fire ant stings are painful and fatal to most humans. Emergency medical services should be scheduled immediately if a victim experiences a severe reaction, such as sweating, nausea, or excessive scratching.

Fire ants prefer warm, sunny weather. They prefer dry fields and avoid shady areas such as forests. Typical mounds can grow up to 61 cm in diameter and 18 cm in height. These colonies, which must include at least one queen, can house hundreds of thousands of ants. In addition, red imported fire ants may migrate into your residential properties due to using infected nursery plants or grass sod in your landscaping.

When it comes to fire ants, they can be a real pain. Not only are their stings excruciating and dangerous, but they can also cause extensive damage to your property. So, if you’re experiencing an infestation of fire ants, don’t hesitate to reach out to Freedom Pest Services for help.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Because up to 50% of your household air can escape throughBasement Waterproofing Waxhaw NC your crawl space, keeping it as clean and dry as possible is critical. It is widely agreed that installing a crawl space vapor barrier and dehumidifier is the best way to improve indoor air quality and make energy changes in your home. Water vapor enters the crawl room from the ground (even though the cement), causing several people to encapsulate the space.

Encapsulating or covering crawl spaces is a common method for preventing indoor moisture problems. Encapsulation can be compared to the lining used in swimming pools to prevent leaks. A heavy-duty polyethylene vapor barrier is installed to completely cover your crawl space – typically the floors, foundation walls, and, in some cases, the ceiling.

Mosquito Removal – Contact Us Today

Several types of adult mosquitoes can be found resting in the vegetation during the day. Trim and remove weed overgrowth. To eliminate adult mosquitoes, spray a residual insecticide on the leaves of bushes and shrubs, lower branches of shady trees, tall grass, and shaded areas. Humans and other pets are familiar with them as vexing biting rodents and disease-carrying vectors. Numerous sources cover mosquito biology, mosquito-borne diseases, personal safety precautions, and mosquito control methods.

Mosquitoes are small flying insects whose female members feed on human and animal blood. The female mosquito’s saliva causes irritated and itchy bumps on the host’s skin. In addition, mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that we exhale when we breathe.

Freedom Pest Services is an excellent licensed pest control company that can keep these mosquitos away from your property. So don’t squander your time! Please get in touch with us if you have any questions. You can reach us at (704) 610-1921.

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