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We all know how damaging pests are, and it’s alarming how they can easily inhabit our home. Destructive pests are plentiful and always come unexpectedly. Any kind of pests can make your family members seriously ill and cause severe damage to your belongings and properties. Moreover, these pests are mostly hiding on any corners of your house, beneath your beds, or inside your cabinets. This means your home is often under the threat of pest infestations.

There are many possible ways that different pests can occupy your home without your awareness. Doing pest removal regularly is the best thing to consider to prevent your house from pests’ infestation. At Edgemoor, South Carolina, we acknowledge that pest prevention and protection doesn’t only includes an action done by our professional experts. It also involves many sorts of things that homeowners can perform to maintain their home protected from several pests.

When people think about pests and the problems they bring, most people think about the warmer months of the year. Since so many pests relish and thrive in hot weather, summer is the year’s busiest time for pest activity. This is when ants, mosquitoes, stinging insects, flies, ticks, and more can have their pest activity at its highest point. While many of these pests will remain outdoors throughout the season, outside and within, they can still be a danger to your health and the safety of your family members. And in these types of situations, it is essential to call for Pest Control Edgemoor, SC.

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Seasonal Pest Control ServicesAny substance used to kill, repel, or control certain forms of plant or animal life considered to be pests is a pesticide. Pesticides include herbicides used to destroy weeds and other unwanted vegetation. Also, insecticides are used to regulate a wide range of insects, and fungicides are used to prevent molds. Then mildew from growing, disinfectants used to prevent the spread of bacteria, and compounds used to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Furthermore, an exterminator in York SC is a person who is knowledgeable in killing pests such as rats or mice. Of all the rodents that can come into your house, mice and rats are an extreme threat because they explore every floor of your home and spread parasites around. But any rodent that gets into your home can harm the wood or kill your belongings by chewing holes. Rodents make terrible houseguests on top of this. Everywhere they go, they leave feces and urine. They should be kept out by making your property rodent-proof. But doing such preventions is somehow a difficult task to do.

For this reason, you might need the help of an expert exterminator. Undertaking such actions might consume your time and put your family members at risk. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to a top of the line company like Freedom Pest Services.

Termite Removal – Committed to Our customers

Like ants, some bees, and wasps of the separate order Hymenoptera, termites are typically sterile workers and soldiers. There are fertile males called kings in all colonies and one or two fertile females called queens. Termites, typically in the form of wood, leaf litter, dirt, or animal dung, feed mainly on dead plant material and cellulose. Termites are insects that are soft-bodied and generally known as white ants. They are small (4-11 mm) in size and have three separate parts of the body, including the head, thorax, and abdomen. Termite colonies have a variety of individuals known as castes that look distinct. Within a colony, each caste has its own duties. In a termite colony, the largest member is the termite queen.

As mentioned above, this made the termites a threat to your properties. There are many suggestions that you can rely on in terms of termite treatment. First is consulting with experts to have more knowledge about termites. The second is, inquiring about a reliable company such as Freedom Pest Service. We can offer you an efficient service that can free you from the destructive effects of termites.

Fire Ant Removal – Residential & Commercial

Fire ants first use their jaws to grip their prey while attacking and then inject venom through a stinger. For most humans, fire ant stings are painful and fatal. If a victim has a serious reaction such as sweating, nausea, or extreme scratching, emergency medical services should be immediately called.

Fire ants prefer warm and sunny conditions. They prefer dry fields and avoid areas such as forests that are shady. Up to 61 cm in diameter and 18 cm high, typical mounds can develop. These colonies, including at least one queen, can contain several hundred thousand ants. As a consequence of infested nursery plants or grass sod being used in the home’s landscaping, red imported fire ants may also migrate into your residential properties.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Crawl Space Moisture ControlSince up to 50 percent of your household air can flow out of your crawl space, keeping it as clean and dry as possible is crucial. It is generally agreed to install a crawl space vapor barrier and dehumidifier as the best way to enhance the quality of indoor air and make energy changes within your home. Water vapor enters from the ground (even via cement) into the crawl room, causing several individuals to encapsulate the space. A common approach for avoiding indoor moisture problems is to encapsulate, or at least cover, crawl spaces. To prevent leaks, encapsulation can be compared to the lining applied to swimming pools. A heavy-duty polyethylene vapor barrier installation is added to completely cover your crawl space – usually the floors, foundation walls, and sometimes even ceiling.

Mosquito Removal – Contact Us Today

During the daytime, several forms of adult mosquitoes are found resting in the vegetation. Trim and get rid of weed overgrowth. Spray the leaves of bushes and shrubs, lower branches of shady trees, tall grass, and shaded areas with a residual insecticide to eliminate adult mosquitoes. They are well known to humans and other pets as annoying biting rodents and vectors of disease-causing agents. Numerous sources of knowledge address mosquito biology, mosquito-borne diseases, personal safety strategies, and mosquito control approaches. Small flying insects whose female members feed on human and animal blood are mosquitoes. The saliva causes irritated and itchy bumps on the skin of the host from the female mosquito. The carbon dioxide that we exhale as we breathe attracts mosquitoes.

Freedom Pest services is an excellent licensed pest control company to prevent these mosquitoes from inhabiting your properties. So don’t waste your time! Feel free to connect with us. You can dial (843) 637-9030.