Fire Ant RemovalDoes your home experience ants infestations? Have you used so many methods to get rid of the ants but still end up defeated? Then, this can be a sign for you to call for a fire ant removal at Freedom Pest Services. When it comes to pest control and home protection, Freedom Pest Services leads the field and has been a veteran in the job.

 Fire ants can be quite difficult to eradicate, especially because they tend to foster and spread around the area. If the method used is not applicable, the chances of getting the ants out of the house are lesser since they can move easily and take over the whole place. But with an expert to do the job, the ants will be out in no time.

Here are some reasons why you should call for a fire ant removal.

Prevent Vegetation Destruction

 If you have wide vegetation in your backyard, you have to watch out for these fire ants. This pest is quite difficult to handle, and it has become one of the most controlled pests in the US. Almost millions of acres have been attacked and destroyed by fire ants. They ruin the vegetation life in every field and destroy the natural habitat of surrounding wildlife. This is why. You shouldn’t deal with these ants alone and get the assistance of the experts. Our pest control team has the right tools and equipment to eliminate these fire ants. 

Prevent Further Fire Ant Attacks

Colonies of fire ants can be difficult to eradicate when they start to attack your area. Fire ants can even get to your home through small openings or HVAC systems in most buildings. Fire ant attacks can be caused by contaminated areas, searching for foods, and moisture issues. Either way, you can take the advice of your fire ant removal service provider to prevent further fire ant attacks. In these difficult times, don’t hesitate to call for help at Freedom Pest Services.

 Major Infestations That Cannot Be Control

When you can no longer handle the fire ant infestations, getting the help of professionals will ease the situation and make it more manageable. Why do we need the help of the experts? Major infestations that cannot be controlled can be very difficult, especially if the fire ants bite you while trying to eradicate them. 

Protection From Fire Ant Bites

Fire ants have a stinging bite that can last for several days. The sting can leave a mark, swelling, and itching around the bitten area. If you are allergic to fire ant venom, getting bitten by these fire ants can lead to more serious medical emergencies. The venom can result in throat swelling and difficulty in breathing, which should immediately be given medication and emergency procedure. Who would want to risk their lives to these pests, right? Let us help you get through this problem with the help of our skilled pest control team. 

Further Electrical Damage

Fire ants are said to be one of the destroyers of electrical wiring and components, especially when they start to swarm inside the electrical device. When this happens, electrical malfunctions have a higher chance of occurring, leading to maintenance and repairs. Why do fire ants like to infest electrical components? This is why they get attracted to machinery like air conditioners. When they swarm inside the electrical component, the damage is done when one ant gets shocked and produces this pheromone which attracts more ants and deals more damage to the system. Don’t let the fire ants get to your electrical devices. Get the help as early as possible with our fire ant removal team. 

Can’t handle fire ants infestations? Tried so many methods but still ends up with no success? Then it might be time to let the expert take over and do the job. Let us be your partner in eradicating any pest in your home. Don’t let colonies of pests flip your home. Resolve the situation and pest infestation through Freedom Pest Services, your best pest servicing company! Grab your phone and call our customer service hotline to schedule fire ant removal services or other pest control services. Your family’s convenience and safety is our company’s goal. Call us today!