Everyone dreams of buying their first home. We get too excited knowing that we will have our property. But before getting busy moving your furniture into your new home, you need professional services like termite inspection to ensure your new home is termite free. 

Termites are one of the worst nightmares of every homeowner. They damage homes without notice. They are tiny insects that live in colonies. This colony can cause significant damage to your property if left unnoticed for an extended period. 

Termites are often associated with ants, but they have a lighter color than ants. Termites are broad-waister, and their antennae are straight. Different types of termites depend on their environment, but their damaging effects are the same. Subterranean termites, Formosan termites, and drywood termites are just a few types of termites that might be found in your locality. Their damage is often not distinct because they rarely go out. They damage walls, furniture, and trees. They usually eat the inside of these structures, leaving holes and empty spaces in them.  

Spotting a termite might be a challenging job for homeowners. But few signs might help you in spotting termite infestation in your home.  Termites eat your walls from the inside, making them very difficult to spot. These walls will sound empty once you tap them. Other termites damage the floor of your homes which results in water damage. Some termites leave piles of droppings, so you need to check to know if termites infest your house occasionally. Some termites build mud tubes to protect them from the sun and air. These mud tubes are very easy to spot, so be cautious. Another sign is when a termite is dead, you will see discarded wings. These signs will indicate a termite infestation in your place. 


What is the best process for termite removal & inspection?

A termite inspection is necessary for all homeowners. Requesting a termite inspection is required when you plan to buy a new house. Inspecting a property depends on your expertise in doing the job. If you understand termite behavior, you might not need an expert to do it. However, if you do not know anything about termites, you must seek professional help. 

A termite inspection should best be done with the local termite inspector because they know the different termite infestations in your locality. Their initial assessment involves determining the extent of termite infestation, the potential risk to your home, areas prone to termites and the treatment to protect your home against it. Some termites require the use of technology to be detected. During a termite inspection, experts use various tools to help determine the extent of infestation in your home. Termite radar, moisture, and thermal imaging are often used to inspect termite infestations on your property further. These tools are readily available with the termite infection company you will hire. 

Removing termites often requires the use of chemicals to exterminate their colonies. Termiticide barriers. These are often used for treatment by just applying them in the infected area. The termites will not be able to detect this treatment. It works like a virus. When they encounter it, they will carry it unknowingly and start infecting others until the colony is killed. Chemicals like boric acid, essential oils and other termiticides. These chemicals are effective in exterminating termites at home. Spray this chemical on cracks and crevices in your ceiling, walls, and floors. Termite baits and traps are also a big help in removing termites at home. 

These ways may help you in exterminating termites at home. But it does not guarantee that it will not be back after a couple of months. Therefore, it is still best to have a regular termite inspection. Professionals handling the job are also best because not enough knowledge in dealing with such chemicals can harm your health. 


Why should I hire professional termite inspectors? 

Some people fail to see warning signs about termite infestation at home until it is already advanced. Of course, you can always do the inspection yourself. Performing a DIY termite inspection can be challenging because this job requires knowledge, experience, and skills. But if you still think you can inspect on your own, you must ensure that you have enough lighting to see the damage’s severity. You might also need tools to help you tap wood to check for weaknesses and hollow sound. Just be careful not to cause any harm. You may also look for mud tubes, damaged wood, and discarded insect wings. 

Most people do wonder what to do when they find out that termites infest their homes; in this case, termite control professionals are the only ones who can help you with your problem. If you are still not convinced that you need a professional for the job, these reasons might help you realize why you need it. 

  • License and Accreditation

Termite treatment requires the use of hazardous chemicals that are harmful to everyone. With this, a company is required to undergo an accreditation and licensing process. As a client, you need to ask for proof that they are legitimate. Remember that the best company will have the most accreditation. 

  • Technologically advanced

The best company will invest in the best technology available in the market to further give them an outstanding rating from their customers. They know that investing in quality equipment will determine the result of the work done.

  • Training, Experience and Professional Staff

Customers always look for companies with exceptional training regarding termite removal and inspection. This is always a plus factor. Therefore, each company ensures that its staff is equipped with skills and knowledge to help them do an excellent job in the field. Hazardous materials are also needed in this job, so training and experience are highly required to avoid unnecessary accidents that may happen while working.

  • Flexible and Innovative

Professionals have expertise in different ways to exterminate termites in your home. They can address specific issues that may happen while they are working. It is good to follow the rules in termite removal, but a staff who is innovative and flexible will make the difference. 


If you suspect a termite colony in your home, it is best to call for professionals who will give you a detailed inspection. This will save your property from too much damage. Having a professional check your property for signs of termites is good. It might be a little expensive, but it is worth the cost. If you fear that termites might infest your property, contact us at Freedom Pest Services. We have the best staff that can help you prevent termite infestation.