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Carpenter ants are large, with a body length of about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. They have a slender, segmented body and six legs.  Although most species are black, some species are red, brown, or a combination of colors.  Their antennas are shaped like elbows and some of the ants are winged.

Most carpenter ants nest in dead or hollow trees, but the working ants tend to find homes to invade.  When carpenter ants make their way into your house, they are attracted to the structural wood located around leaky pipes or in areas of high moisture.  They will excavate the interior of the wooden structure they have invaded; this compromises its structural integrity over time.  The presence of carpenter ants in or around your home may be an indication of a moisture problem that needs repair.

Carpenter ants are very dangerous especially when it comes to an infestation.  The most obvious sign that you have an infestation is just seeing these pests in your home.  Although they may be in your home, this does not necessarily mean they are nesting there – these ants forage for food and water miles away from their nests.  If they are infesting your home, you will start seeing wood shavings around windows, decks and anywhere there is wood.  You might also hear faint noises as they burrow into wood and create their nests.  Although they can be intimidating to some people, carpenter ants are generally not aggressive and will only attack if they feel threatened.


Odorous house ants are a common pest found in homes throughout the United States. These pests are described as dark brown to black and range in size from 1/16 – 1⁄8 inch long and get their name from the rotten coconut/fruit-like smell they emit when crushed.  While they are not known to spread disease, odorous house ants can be a nuisance and may contaminate food in your home.

Odorous house ants are known to overwinter in their nests during colder months. Once the weather warms up in the spring or summer, they emerge again and start looking for food. During spring and summer you are more likely to find that your home is infested by odorous house ants than other parts of the year.

If you have noticed an increase in odorous house ants in your home, it is important to take action to get rid of them.  The first step in controlling an infestation is to locate and eliminate the ant colony.  Ants create their central nest outside, usually in damp soil under mulch, along fence lines and next to foundations and sidewalks.  During the day, ants often wander around looking for food. Odorous house ants are often found near sources of moisture, such as leaky pipes or under sinks.  They may also nest in wall voids or other areas of the home.

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