Mosquitos are one of those insects that you shouldn’t take lightly. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of mosquitos in your home, then professional mosquito exterminators can help control them. They can provide relief by using different treatments that will last and keep them gone until they need another treatment again!

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How long do mosquito treatments last?


The duration of mosquito treatment depends on the type of product used. Generally, treatments can last anywhere from several hours to months or even years. 


Natural products such as citronella candles and tiki torches are effective for only a few hours. However, more advanced chemical treatments like misting systems can protect for several weeks or longer. 


Additionally, some products need to be reapplied periodically to maintain their effectiveness over an extended period of time. It is necessary to carefully review the instructions that come with each product to determine how long treatment will last.


Freedom Pest Services can provide low-cost mosquito treatments with significant effects. Do not be misled by the term “low-cost.” We don’t skimp on quality. We provide your property with all it needs to fend off and manage insects. 


Here’s what you can expect out of professional mosquito treatments: 




A thorough and in-depth inspection is the basis of efficient pest management. Our skilled and knowledgeable mosquito exterminators know mosquito breeding grounds and daytime hiding places. 


To target trouble spots and address vulnerabilities, your specialist will conduct an examination and identify these locations around your residence or place of business. 


This inspection allows us to create an effective plan of action tailored to your needs. In addition, we will identify any existing infestations and take corrective measures to eliminate the current problem areas and prevent future ones. 

Utilizing our knowledge, tools, and techniques, we can guarantee you’ll have the protection you need from pests like mosquitoes.


If you have an issue with a pest not covered by our services, such as bats or moles, we are committed to providing you with the best solutions available today. Our mosquito exterminators will evaluate your property to provide accurate advice and solutions for long-term relief from these troublesome creatures. So don’t hesitate – trust us for all your pest management needs!


Mist Treatment


For mist treatment, they apply a low-grade insecticide to the targeted regions that need to be treated. They will also apply a substance to every surface and corner of the house where mosquitoes and other pests are likely to breed. The best thing about mist treatment is that it’s safe for the children and animals. 


Once mist treatment is complete, your specialist will inspect the area for signs of a resurgence of mosquito activity. All potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes like stagnant water will be treated as needed. 


Mosquito misting can help keep your property free from pests and ensure the health of all who enter. With periodic treatments throughout the season, you can prevent mosquito-borne illnesses like West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Zika Virus, and Malaria.


Investing in an ongoing prevention program with Freedom Pest Services allows you to stay ahead of mosquito-borne diseases and enjoy a pest-free outdoor oasis all summer!


Breeding Sites


Mosquitoes can breed in stagnant and still water. Mosquito exterminators will address any still-water resources on your property. 


The key to preventing mosquitoes from locating your yard as a potential breeding ground for their larvae lies in two areas: reducing development and improving habitats. 


Larvicides may be used on the water surface or within it, while habitat improvements can take many forms. Anything that provides shade and shelter will help keep these pests at bay!


Why Is a Mist Treatment Important?


Moisture pests include mosquitoes. They expire if they become dry. They, therefore, seek shelter in moist, dark areas during the height of the day when the sun is in the sky. When they do, pest control chemicals can quickly get rid of them.


The hidden areas in your yard act as enormous mosquito traps when your technician performs routine mist treatments throughout mosquito season, which is normally between April and September. Each treatment lasts 30 to 40 days after application and requires about 6 to 7 treatments annually.


The outcomes are extraordinary, without a doubt. The dead zone is an area where mosquitoes cannot live, and it’s just as effective at eliminating them in your yard or neighborhood.


It can also take some time for new mosquitoes to develop because most mosquitoes travel only a few hundred yards during their lifetime.


While there is no way to ensure that your property will be free of mosquitoes, using this method can significantly reduce the number of bites you receive and greatly increase your comfort when engaging in outdoor activities in your yard.


Why is it Important to Control Breeding Sites?


Even if your yard has been treated, if a female mosquito enters your property, lays eggs, and then takes a nap in an area treated by your pest-control specialist, the swarm that results from those eggs could still appear.


A single mosquito has the capacity to produce over one hundred eggs at once. So there, on your land, there are over a hundred mosquito eggs that will eventually hatch into adults. Additionally, those new mosquitoes may bite you before they enter rest areas that have been treated.


Mosquito breeding grounds may also draw them to your yard. Mosquitoes favor wet, sticky environments. Therefore, mosquitoes will find your yard more appealing with the wetness you have on your grass and landscaping.


Mosquito Control


Although mosquitoes cannot be eliminated, an efficient treatment program can significantly reduce the population of these annoying and potentially harmful insects. Mosquito management is crucial during the summer in South Carolina.


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