As you most likely are aware, Gnats are tiny vexatious insects with a habit of showing up in areas where they do not belong. Did you know that you may use different scents to dissuade these pests before they become a problem? If you are searching for solutions to eliminate gnats, then we can help you with that! 


Both fruit flies and fungus gnats, collectively referred to as gnats, place significant importance on their acute sense of smell when navigating. Gnats have a strong aversion to various smells, including peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, vanilla, lavender, citronella, and DEET, so you can use this characteristic to ward off gnats.


Before we get into the technicalities, we should first discuss the reasons why you might need to repel these little pests in the first place (if the fact that they are annoying isn’t enough to convince you).


What Makes Gnats Such a Problem?


It is usual practice to group gnats, mosquitoes, and other insects that belong to the family of flies together. Even though, when it comes down to it, they are all similar, it is essential to note that gnats may be a much bigger nuisance in your daily life than you might initially think they would be. For this reason, finding a solution to the problem is preferable before it ever arises! So put, just say no, and everything else.


Gnats come in many different species; some are even more aggressive than mosquitoes and more troublesome than fruit flies. While mosquitoes frequently bite, particular gnats go one step further and extract blood from their victims.


When you discover gnats on your property, you may encounter several problems, some of which are more common than others. 


Gnats Can Multiply Rapidly


Another undesirable property of gnats, from fruit flies to fungus gnats, is their quick capacity to reproduce in vast numbers. For example, a single fruit fly can lay up to 400 eggs on only ONE piece of fruit. Imagine what this could look like if left unchecked.


Moist regions, fruit peels that are either still covering fruit or have been removed and need to be disposed of, and dirty drains are all regular culprits of this undesirable phenomenon.


A gnat invasion may suggest that plants are overwatered. But, on the other hand, since gnats are drawn to wet places and sweet smells, your houseplants may be part of why they suddenly turn up. Oh, and they can sneak into your compost and grow very quickly.


While this is a wonderful natural reminder to monitor how much you are watering your plants (less is more, occasionally), it is easier for everyone to prevent this ‘helpful’ intrusion.


The longer they are there, the higher likelihood they will multiply, and then prevention changes into full-blown elimination mode.


Which Odors in the Home Are Gnats Most Repulsed By?


You will find a list of the smells, along with a few bonuses, that can be of use to you in your effort to eliminate a gnat problem on your property below.


Contacting a professional exterminator is, like any other course of action, always going to be a guaranteed way to help a pest situation and eliminate the pests. These are the approaches and tactics that are intended to be your first line of defense and to assist you in making the most of what you already have without taking any more steps.




I forgot about peppermint—the all-purpose solution for warding off insects and animals. Unfortunately, Peppermint is completely abhorrent to a wide variety of animals, from deer and raccoons to flies and Japanese beetles.


Lucky for us, fruit flies are not an exception to the rule in any way, shape, or form. Therefore, you can either use peppermint essential oil in its natural state and spray a diluted combination around regions where you are attempting to keep gnats away, OR you can even save some peppermint plants around areas where you are trying to keep gnats away. Both of these options are available to you.


Essential Oils Of Lemon And/or Eucalyptus Should Be Obtained.


Regarding the topic of essential oils, lemon, and eucalyptus, on their own or in combination, are two other oils that, when used as gnat repellents, are great additions to your stock. You can use them separately or together.


Diluting your essential oil with water provides better coverage and is a more cost-effective approach to disseminating this mixture inside and outside your home. This will help you save the expenditures connected with directly applying essential oil in various spots.


Use Lavender Spray Or Plants


Gnats are not fans of the aroma of lavender, so whether you want to plant your lavender because you enjoy the look as well as the scent or choose to use a liquid substitute to this scent, gnats will avoid it. Although these pests appear to find pleasure in a variety of sweet-smelling smells, Lavender is the one that most often causes them to return to their original location (i.e., not your property.)


Lavender has an aroma that is both peaceful and refreshing, and it also has the natural ability to ward off a broad range of insects. This means that you will have less work to do (and won’t have to resort to any weird odors!)


You can use an atomizer to spray the oil solution as a gnat repellent or place a sachet or saucer containing the answer in an area where you are likely to find these pests. Because of this, the likelihood of gnats invading your space will be significantly reduced.


Does Deodorant Repel Gnats?


Deodorant may not effectively repel gnats as it is not specifically designed for that purpose. Gnats are typically attracted to scents, and deodorants often have fragrances that could attract them. To repel gnats, it’s recommended to use products specifically designed for that purpose, such as those containing citronella or lemon eucalyptus oil.


If All Else Fails, Ask For Help!


If you find these at-home treatments for gnats aren’t working as well as you’d like, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance.


When dealing with any pest, wildlife, or nature in general, there are many different considerations to consider, even though these methods have all been effective. Therefore, it is acceptable to try anything other than a home remedy every once in a while if one does not work.


At Freedom Pest Services, we understand the struggle facing these pests. We are the best company to call on before things can get out of hand! Call us today for more info!