Visitors to your house, hotel stays, and even public transit can readily spread bed bugs, clinging creatures that travel from host to host. While it is challenging to prevent bed bugs, there are advised courses of action should you find yourself in this scenario. This makes being a bed bug victim pretty easy. Whether a bed bug infestation is in your home or business, we know the terror it can cause and the urgency it needs to be dealt with. Call one of our bed bug exterminators to set up treatment if you require emergency assistance with a bed insect issue that you are currently experiencing.

Can I eliminate bed bugs on my own?

According to many DIY websites, you can eradicate bed bugs naturally at home rubbing alcohol or essential oils like lavender, tea tree, or peppermint oil. Some of these home treatments are effective, but you must see each insect individually and use the items directly on them. Bed bugs are excellent at locating hiding spots; this is how they have endured for so long. They may also easily avoid detection due to their small size, even when they are in plain view. Finding every bed bug and killing them all at once using a home treatment is practically impossible.

In a few months, an existing single-mated female and her young can re-infest your land. But unfortunately, you are more likely to wind up with furniture that smells like peppermint if you use these DIY treatments than to find a cure for your bed insect problem.

Do pesticides and bed bug sprays work?

Insecticides and sprays for bed bugs are widely available. However, they typically aren’t very effective unless you know the bed bugs’ precise location and hiding locations, similar to DIY methods. Various pesticides have developed a tolerance to bed bugs over time, so depending on what you use, it might not work. It can be quite challenging for these solutions to function because bed bugs generally hide in places that things like spray or foggers can’t penetrate. Additionally, it would be best to exercise extra caution when using these substances because misuse could endanger your family and pets. Best to get help from professional exterminators to lessen the risk.

Can bed bugs be permanently eliminated?

Although bed bugs can be eliminated, there is a potential that they will return to your house or place of business. This is particularly prevalent in multi-family housing, such as apartments or condominiums, where bed bugs can be easily transported from unit to unit.

The best defense is professional, thorough inspections from Freedom Pest; if you discover bed bugs in a multi-family building, let the property manager know immediately. If you have a problem, probably, your neighbors do too, and things might quickly spiral out of control.

Can a pest control professional get rid of bed bugs in one visit?

Yes, a professional exterminator can eliminate bed bugs, which is your best option. A pest control specialist has received training in the biology and behaviour of bed bugs, so they are aware of where to look for them and how to get rid of them completely. They can get rid of bed bugs at all phases of development by utilizing various procedures, which is practically hard to do with DIY remedies.

Several methods, including heat treatment, mattress encasings, crack and crevice injection/spot treatment, and pesticide dust, are employed by exterminators to eradicate bed bugs. At Freedom Pest, we also have a canine inspection unit to assist us in finding all the potential hiding places for bed bugs.

The Best Bed Bug Exterminator

Most of us may opt to do our bed bug extermination by using some DIY method or some random bug repellant we saw in a TV commercial. We don’t do that here at Freedom Pest. Our dedication to our services is what sets us apart from the competition. We refuse to cut corners, so we only use the latest and greatest technology and equipment.

Our highly trained professionals will thoroughly inspect your home and determine the best possible course of action for extermination. Our process begins with a free in-home inspection conducted by one of our experienced bed bug removal technicians. After the inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings and a personalized plan for extermination.

Once you have approved the plan, our team will get to work immediately, using only the safest and most effective extermination methods. We understand that every infestation is unique, so we tailor our approach to your specific situation. In most cases, we can eliminate bed bugs in just one visit.

This furthers our status as the best pest exterminators in town. We make sure that we live up to the name we have built for ourselves, which is why we always go the extra mile for our clients.

If you think you may have a bed bug infestation, or if you want to be proactive about preventing one, contact Freedom Pest today. Remember, bed bugs are nasty things, and if your bed bug situation is not eliminated early, some significant problems may come your way, and it will take a lot more money, time, and effort to get rid of them.

Not to mention the diseases they carry, such as Chagas disease and Lyme disease. So if you think you have bed bugs or want to make sure you never get them, give Freedom Pest a call today!

Our bed bug inspection choices are tailored to each client’s unique requirements, whether they are a business or a homeowner. There are several factors to consider: the structure of the space that has to be inspected; the seriousness of the issue; how many rooms are affected; and the size of those rooms. Freedom Pest Services special services specialists can assist you in determining which option is best for your circumstances.